The Illuminations

by Idiot Johnson

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released April 6, 2013



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Idiot Johnson UK

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Track Name: In The Summer Time
In the summer time
We dance all night,
Make love all day,
Pay no heed to what others say.
We laugh and we play.
We run down corridors,
Race down lanes,
We know that life
Won't always be this way.

In the summer time
We talk and we sing and we jump and we swim,
We know that Autumn will be closing in.
We face it and grin.
The sun is shining,
We're making hay,
We know that life
Won't always be this way.

Thank you for everything.
Track Name: Superman
Superman, they're doing all they can
So shut your mouth,
Wait your turn.
Funny how you're not so super now -
Isn't it time that you learned?

This is the place
You thought you'd belong.
You believed, you believed,
But you were wrong.
Superman, I'm calling your bluff.
You believed, you believed,
It wasn't enough.

All of your crimes,
All of your unpaid library fines.
All of your sins unatoned.
Broken down high above
Unlovely Dormitory Town,
Who's going to care
If you don't make it home?
Track Name: A Girl Whose Time Has Come
All your wildly funny jokes
Are not wasted on me.
Sometimes I think we see the things
The others cannot see.
And your mother will go mad
When she finds out where you are.
You're not scared of her,
You're not scared of anything anymore,
Like a girl whose time has come.

Sometimes you feel so far away
You could be all alone on Pluto
For the difference it makes.
And your mother will go mad
When she finds out where you are.
There's a suitcase on the wardrobe
And you know what it's for,
Like a girl whose time has come.

Another day,
Another care flies out the window.
There are worlds out there
We don't know.

I'll be your bulldozer
Tearing down the schemes.
I'll be your steamroller
Charging through their dreams.
I've got your phone number
Written on my jeans.
Track Name: All That You Don't Need
I want to stay, I want to go.
I wish you'd have told me,
I wish I didn't know.
I don't remember,
I remember I forgot.
You must think I'm all that you don't need
Babe, I'm not.

But if you like me being around
That's when I'm nowhere to be found.
Don't want to let you down,
Don't want to ruin your good day.

I want to stay, I want to leave.
I wish I was drowning in your love,
I wish I could breathe.
I wish you'd let me,
I wish you'd make me stop.
You must think I'm all that you don't need,
Babe, I'm not.

I want to be the one you'll always miss.
I want it so badly
That's why I act like this.

I'm so funny, I'm so sad.
I am the best and worst friend that I ever had.
I blow cold, I blow hot.
You must think I'm all that you don't need,
Babe, I'm not.
Track Name: Good Things Never Last
This is no one's fault,
There is nobody to blame.
In the circumstances
Anyone would do the same.
When I said those things
I thought you felt them too.
I read you signals all wrong
Standing there, close to you.

Drank too much, too fast.
I'm all kinds of fucked up,
Good things never last.

At the gig last night,
When you slipped your arm in mine,
I felt so alive,
I thought it was our time.
Swept away by the music and the crowd,
A clumsy thing to ask.
The sweet way you let me down -
Oh what a terrible pass.

Morning finds me broken
In the head, in the heart.
Rain clouds over coffee cups
For the most part.
Track Name: Sarah, Don't Listen To Their Lies
Sarah, put your clothes back on.
Rise and shine, the morning's come.
Sick with worry you cried all night,
But they won't get rid of me without a fight.

I'll get a job at the Pleasure Beach
And break my back 'til the season ends.
We'll pay back the money week by week
We stole from your mother's boyfriend.

Sarah, you and me go back too far
To give up now,
Let's take off in your sister's car
And fly away.
Sarah, don't listen to their lies.

Laat night I dreamed of baying crowds,
Trainers, TVs, buildings burning down.
And news reporters walked like zombies
Through the night,
Kids heads all exploding
Just like flashlights.
Track Name: Don't Say We're Over
Have you seen him?
Has he called you today?
Does he send you flowers?
Do you talk for hours?
Does he make you laugh
The way that I did?

Have you noticed
They're always playing our song
On the radio?
It's as if they know,
Is a broken heart that obvious?

I was wondering how you'd feel
If we met up Sunday,
Maybe in the park,
Took a little walk,
I think we need to talk.
Don't say we're over.

Winter falls hard
On the streets where we live,
If you'd open up your door
You'd see I've so much more to give.

Don't let him change you,
You're perfect as you are,
The way you do your hair
And the clothes you wear,
When you're ready
I'll be there at your side.
Track Name: Levitation
Levitation, each other and cars,
Twister, tequila and Lucky Stars.
The sun comes up,
The sun goes down,
We fly for a short while
Then we go to ground.

Baby, what's wrong?
Baby, what's wrong?
Oh we sat up all night long,
And we don't get long.

When you were young,
Sitting in the back seat
Of your parent's car,
Listening to your favourite song,
And you'd all sing along.

No, we don't get long,
Baby, we don't get long.
Track Name: The Great Love Scenes
Oh I've been foolish in love,
I've made a mes of everything.
You never listen to me,
Never listen to a word I say.
Now she won't answer my calls,
Probably laughs and let's it ring.
You'll be sorry, Honey.
You'll be sorry, Honey, someday.

In the film of our lives
That they make after we've died,
We're running down every street,
We're asking everyone we meet.
In every frame,
Calling out each other's name.
Finally you find me -
It's one of the great love scenes.

When will I ever learn?
I'm always wrong all of the time.
Don't listen to me,
Dont listen to a word I say.
He never answers my calls,
I should take it as a sign.
I'm going to make you love me,
Going to make you love me someday.

I'm dreaming about us kissing
In the rain.
I wonder if we'll ever meet again.
Track Name: One Of Everything
A shooting star just missed your head,
Landed in the garden shed,
Crashed and burned while you were
Sleeping in your bed.
You woke up to wreckage everywhere,
You just showered and washed your hair.
Patched me up, sent me
Spinning through the air.

So I'll take one of everything,
I'm going to try anything
To keep me orbiting
And coming back to you.
But it's as cold as hell up here,
Drifting through the stratosphere.
I'm afraid I might disappear
If I stop for a minute.

And if I don't come round again
For a while
And I don't return your calls
And my distance offends -
Please don't remember me this way,
I'm thinking of you every day.
I miss my home,
I miss my circle of friends.
Track Name: Map
Born on a Wednesday
In a month of afternoons,
At the end of a summer
That was over too soon.

These are the facts,
Fold them away
Keep them safe in your pocket.
Here is a map,
Should you lose your way
It will guide you home.

Oh to be funny and wise,
The unwinnable prize.
We fell in love,
Made a home under North West skies.
And there was music everywhere,
Laughter hanging in the air,
Made some good friends,
Twice attempted a beard.

You are here. You are here.
Stay close to the ones
You hold most dear.